PayAtm Module

Full services support
  • Withdrawal
  • Fast cash withdrawal
  • Cash Deposit
  • Check Deposit
  • Checkbook request
  • Bill Payment
  • Balance inquiry
  • Credit account availability inquiry
  • Mini-Statement Request
  • Statement Request
  • Statement Print
  • PIN change Request
  • E-voucher
  • and more,…
Back ofice management
  • Provide Cash flow, Financial management and reporting tools
  • Retain detailed ATM transaction information
  • Manage logical grouping for ATMs and use it for reporting, monitoring and other filtering purposes
  • DES and 3DES based solution
  • Remote key distribution from the server
  • Communication keys are changed permanently at each session
  • Native EMV
  • NDC, NDC+, Diebold DDC(911/912) and ISO protocols supported.
  • ISO 8583
  • DES Encryption
  • TCP/IP communication protocol


  • Real-time tracking capability for all attached devices.
  • Provide geographic devices location
  • Proactive and stand-alone ATM monitoring functions witch will generate electronic alerts (SMS, Emails) on defined errors and warning.
  • Provides instant information on (state of all ATMs, status of all devices on all ATMs, count of all ATM supplies, Cash counters, Communication link status)
  • Offer snapshots tools to follow customer transaction remotely.
  • Log all events based on errors and status change.
  • Offer strong cash replenishment management tools (scheduling replenishment, generate electronic alerts indicating replenishment times and replenishment failures…)
PayAtm – Key Features
  • Offers an end-to-end EFT solution from the point of access to settlement.
  • Easy interface to define and manage ATMs
  • Dynamic configuration depending on ATM Hardware Fitness
  • Predictive cash management, cash optimization
  • Journal & Receipt tickets are user defined parameters
  • States, Screens, Bins, Timers are completely downloaded from Server
  • Provide remote control interface on terminals
  • Easily customizable to meet specific business needs
  • Manage all ATM peripherals (Camera, Electronic journal,…)
  • 24/7 monitoring frees up staff and resources to focus on core business
  • Reduce ATM repair time and costs